Myrtle Beach Weather

Myrtle Beach weather is one the main reason why millions of tourists come to the Grand Strand every year. Did you know that Myrtle Beach has average 215 days of sunshine each year? That's at least 4 guaranteed sunny days every week.

The climate is humid subtropical features mild winter followed by worm spring and hot summer, just perfect for enjoying the beach, water activities, playing golf, exploring one of many attractions, or shopping in outlet centers.

The busy vacation months are June, July and August and that's then the heat and humidity are the highest. Specially gets hot in July with daily temperatures in 90's and sometimes,the 100's.

This weather with high humidity in day and even evening can make you feel muggy, hey but who cares you are not going to melt go to the beach and put your feet in the ocean, it will keep you cool.

Doesn't matter for how long you are planing on sun tanning do not forget to put a sunscreen... yes I know that you want to get darker skin faster and look good,but you don't want to be another red lobster on the street.

I see so many people in summer every evening after they spent time on the beach with a sunburn, so make your vacation more pleasant and use a sun lotion and you'll have more fun on your visit at Myrtle Beach.

Let's talk now about hurricane season which lasts from June through November. This means that during this period it is a little bit higher chance of hurricanes than at any other time of the year so there is nothing to worry about.

Many years go by without any hurricanes heading this way, and some years there are a few that we need to keep eye on it. However just to be on the safe side hurricane watches are often issued a few days in advance and you can stay updated by watching weather forecast.

Myrtle Beach Average High Monthly Temperatures

Few interesting facts about Myrtle Beach:

Days of Sunshine: 215, Days Overcast: 150, Days of Rain: 77, Average Annual Air Temperature: 64 (18 C), Average Annual Ocean Temperature: 66 (19 C), Days that Temperature are 90 (32 C) degrees or above: 65.

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