Myrtle Beach Water Sports Reviews

Grand Strand area with 60 miles of sandy beaches offer many Myrtle Beach water sports activities. There is something for everyone from relaxing kayaking, sunset cruises to exciting dolphin watching tours, parasailing, jet ski rentals, banana boat rides and much more.

Have fun on your vacation and make great memories from the beach for a rest of your life! You probably trying to choose which Myrtle Beach sports would be the best for you, for your friends and family.

Myrtle Beach water sports are a lot of fun on hot summer days

I will make the list of all the best water activities in the area with detailed information and where you can find them. Prices for water attractions are different depends on the season, late spring and early fault prices always lower then in busy summer season, also morning discounts available at most locations. Don't forget to wear life jackets!

Myrtle Beach water sports guide

Parasailing - Myrtle Beach parasailing is the popular tourist sport activity. The boat is pulling you behind in a parachute so you go up in the air few hundred feet above the ocean.

When you going parasailing ask if a captain is USCG licensed and approved so you don't have to worry about your safety.

After you go up you will stay for about 10-15 minutes in the air and then will be reeled back to the boat, there are single, double or triple rides.

The staff most likely will be taking your high quality digital pictures, which you can purchase from them. No training required for parasailing. Locations and more info.

Jet Ski - There are plenty of Myrtle Beach jet ski rental places in the Grand Strand area. All participants have to receive instruction and orientation before riding, no experience is required, but you must be at least 18 years old to rent and 16 to drive, all the jet ski riders should be wearing life jackets.

Jet Ski rentals in Myrtle Beach

Rentals starts from half an hour or longer, if you'll rent for a full hour that should be plenty of time to have some fun. To rent a jet ski in Myrtle Beach you will need ID with the credit card or few hundred dollars in cash for a deposit while you ride.

Depends on the jet ski size you renting, you may ride alone or up to 3 people,most of them are for 2 riders. Some businesses offer dolphin watch tours with jet skis, group of people go on excursion for couple hours with the guide to enjoy scenic views and see dolphins. Read more

Banana Boats - There are two different Myrtle Beach banana boat rides: the double banana that does not tip and the single banana which is much more popular and requires some balance, but it's a lot of fun.

The main tube is yellow banana shaped is towed behind the jet ski or the boat with 6-10 passengers.

You will go couple of miles to the ocean and then the driver attempts to flip the banana boat by doing sharp turns, so hang on or you will get wet:) all riders should wear life jackets for safety reasons. The price for this water attraction is around $17 per person for about 15 minutes of riding. Locations

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