Family Kingdom Myrtle Beach Amusement Park

Is your family ready to take some fun rides in Myrtle Beach amusement park? Family Kingdom is proud to offer you to enjoy the largest Ferris wheel in South Carolina with beautiful Atlantic Ocean view from the top.

This old fashioned park features more than 30 rides and one of the most popular would be all wooden Swamp Fox roller coaster which can make you scream most of the way.

Sling shot drop zone is a new attraction with a free fall from 110 feet high.

Most of the things to do and rides are perfect for children of all ages, but there are few that the parents could still enjoy.

They open in the afternoon, but the best time to go would be evening hours in my opinion when weather cools down a little bit.

It is free admission to the park you only have to pay if you are interested to go on some rides. There is two ways you can pay:

Purchase a wristband for all day unlimited rides for $23.50, or you can buy individual tickets for $1.05 each, for every ride you'll need from 2 to 5 tickets.

Prices are the same for adults and children. Don't forget to use coupons, which easy to find in almost any free discount coupon books.

If you trying to save some money while visiting Myrtle Beach amusement park it could be a good idea to purchase a wristband only for younger children, so they can enjoy any rides they like and adults can just buy few tickets for the best rides they want to take.

With a wristband you can leave the park and come back anytime on the same day and if you bought tickets they never expire so you can use them any time in a future.

There are few extra things to spend money in the park such as prizes or roller coaster ride pictures, that could bring you great memories years later.

This Myrtle Beach amusement park has been open for many years and it's like a tradition for many families parents use to take kids to the park and now kids grow up and they take their children to the park.

Might not be the biggest or the best attraction in Myrtle Beach, but good location, not expensive worth a visit for a nice and relaxing time with your family, kids will have a blast.

Family Kingdom is not only amusement park, across the street they also have Ocean front water park.

You can save some money by purchasing combo package for $33, if you are interested to visit both places.

When you purchase combo package you can ever visit both parks on the same day or go to each park on separate days.

This place is more family oriented and not exactly for thrill seekers, if you looking for bigger adventures you should try Freestyle Music Park.

Family Kingdom amusement park open from the beginning of April till the end of September.

Address: 300 South Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Phone: (843) 626-3447

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