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Hello everybody, my name is Tomas, and I am originally from Lithuania. Few years ago I came to America and I felt in love with this country and most of all with my new home, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

First time when I came to Myrtle Beach, my English was absolutely terrible I couldn't have a conversation.

I will never forget when second day on my new job in ice cream store a little girl came to me and ask for the spoon.. but you know what, I didn't know what a spoon is.

I felt terrible I try to give her a napkin, a waffle cone, soda and finally I gave her a spoon. That's where I start my English lessons with every day more and more new words.

Never did I think I would start a website in English about amazing sandy beaches. I spend summer discovering Myrtle Beach and learning new language, since then I've been frequent visitor and now several years I live in this lovely top tourist spot on the Atlantic Coast.

I know most interesting things to do and most beautiful places to see in Myrtle Beach area. I decide to built a web site with some useful information about this delightful beach town.

I can provide you with first hand my personal experiences in many fun attractions. I do apologize, if my English is not always perfect, and please for give me, if I will make some mistakes.

Hopefully you will find my site useful and will enjoy your visit to Myrtle Beach, as much as I enjoy building this web site.

Everyone is welcome to join myrtlebeachbay.com and be part of the community to help future visitors. Write your reviews, comments, upload pictures or ask questions, I will be happy to answer you.

Thank you all of you for visiting, have fun in Myrtle Beach.


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